Monday, November 28, 2011

Amazing Bootleg Toys Chapter 1: ChapMei

Amazing, just amazing! That's my reaction when I first got my True Heroes Black Hawk 1:18 toy helicopter. It's not a BBi/Elite Force or Yo Joe vehicle but it's freaking amazing! Unknowledgeable about theser kind of toys, I try to look for them in random stores like Puregold, SM Toyland, Toy Kingdom, TRU & even in public markets & little gift shops that sell toys. Fascinated on these vehicles, heck I really hate their figures, I tried to buy some more & upon buying, I had realized that they got immature colors & such. Damn! But it's not a down fall for me, I got some used black spray paints left from my brother's car projects & my motorcycle detailing, so I them all up. I looks great after I sprayed them all w/ black paint, but now I got another problem, how will I do the f***ing details?

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