Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Creator

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SHC Retailer is a Online a Toy Seller from the Philippines. He, wait why do I used he?  I should use I for this thing, oki let's continue! I started collecting toys in the early 90's from the Hasbro WWF toy line. Then collected wrestling toys from jakks Pacific (WWE) & Toy Biz (WCW, Marvel Lengends, TNA [Marvel Toys]) and so on. I now started collecting 1:18 figures or what others usually called 3 3/4 inches or GI Joe sizes. I'm originally a wrestling collector but added a few more toy lines from various lines, naming some are super sentais, kamen riders, marvel super heroes, dc super heroes & that's just naming a few.

NOTE: I had just started collecting 1:18 scaled toys last January 2011.

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