Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kamen Riders V.S. Onslaught

Well as we can all see some random Kamen Rider Figures are battling the all powerful Onslaught from Marvel Comics. Can you tell who will win or which will win or what will win, I can't seem to type the right term for this scene, it's one against all as I can see it! Let's just say, it's up to you guys & gals to tell what will happen. I'm sounding like an amateur in the blogging world right now, but to tell you the truth I'm still a rookie as of now, hahahahahaha!

Used in this scene are some Kamen Riders from the Bandai Motion Revive series ,  BAF Onslaught from the Toy Biz Marvel Legends line, a Custom 3 3/4 Microman Kamen Rider Black, a 4" Kamen Rider OOO Candy Toy  & if you have seen it a Spiderman figure from the Hasbro Marvel Universe series.

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