Monday, November 21, 2011


               Perverted, any abnormal means of obtaining sexual satisfaction or an aberrant sexual practice. What am I saying, are these words pointing out on something or somewhere? What does this word gotta do with toys? Well? Don't look at me, even I doesn't even know why do I write these things on this blog.

               Just to sum things up, I had noticed from many toy stores online or on the shopping districts that they usually sells toys that looks kinda...... What do you call them? Aaaahhh! What word to use, to use, to use? Ah (light bulb) kinki, sexy, extraordinary, exotic & so on & so forth! Do they have many costumers for those kind of toys, er, statue (most of them are not articulated), gashapons? While walking along in some shops, I saw males buy those stuffs like pancakes, but if you look further more I also saw females buying those stuffs too! What do females want with those things? Even I cannot answer that question. But to answers it upon looking on the male's side, I can see it in many ways or more than I can imagine! hehehehehehehehe (Day Dreaming) Damn! 

Used in this scene are a Master Roshi/Buten Dragonball 3 3/4 figure, a tied up Hentai Gashapon girl & a Sylvanian  house & accessories.

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