Thursday, November 24, 2011

G.I.Joe v.s. Capt. Power

Are you from the future or the present?  Either way you could be from both eras. Like these two line of toys from the 80's. We (the kid at heart) had collected them & still got them from the old days. Am I right or you just  bought one from eBay just last month? hahahahahahaha, just joking well let's just put some wikipedia knowledge on this two different kind of soldiers from the 80's that fights evil to save the world everyday or every episode.

Capt. Power & the Soldiers of the Future:

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future is a 1987-88 science fiction/action TV series, merging live action with animation based on computer-generated images, that ran for 22 episodes in Canadian/American syndication. A toy line was also produced by Mattel, and during each episode there was a segment that included visual and audio material which interacted with the toys.

General plot

The storyline was set on Earth in the 22nd century following the Metal Wars, a cybernetic revolt that resulted in the subjugation of the human race by intelligent machines. Captain Jonathan Power and a small group of guerrilla fighters, called "The Soldiers Of The Future," opposes the machine forces that dominate Earth.

G.I. Joe a Real American Hero:

G.I. Joe is a line of action figures produced by the toy company Hasbro. The initial product offering represented four of the branches of the U.S. armed forces with the Action Soldier (U.S. Army), Action Sailor (U.S. Navy), Action Pilot (USAF), Action Marine (USMC) and later on, the Action Nurse. The term G.I. stands for Government Issued and became a generic term for U.S. soldiers (predating the action figures), especially ground forces. The development of G.I. Joe led to the coining of the term "action figure". GI JOE's appeal to children have made it somewhat of an American icon among toys.
The G.I. Joe trademark has been used by Hasbro to title two different toy lines. The original 12-inch line that began in 1964 centered on realistic action figures. In the United Kingdom, this line was licensed to Palitoy and known as Action Man. In 1982, the line was relaunched in a 3¾-inch scale complete with vehicles, playsets, and a complex background story involving an ongoing struggle between the G.I. Joe Team and the evil Cobra Command which seeks to take over the Free World while using terrorism. As the American line evolved into the Real American Heroseries, Action Man also changed, by using the same molds and being renamed as Action Force. Although the members of the G.I. Joe team are not superheroes, they all had expertise in areas such as martial arts, weapons and explosives.

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