Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crossovers 0_o

      On this time or whatever time is it! Crossovers are too hot to handle! We can see them in comics, television shows, in video/board games & even in posters. But to make our dream crossovers come to life, we can use our toys (specially our scaled ones) to make our dream team ups & versus type of crossovers that we want to see. Sometimes we ask everyone in our friend list of who or what heroes or characters do they want to see to make a crossover guesting in another hero or character's comics, television show, movie, etc., etc.! So in order to make these characters do the dream crossovers we wanted, we eventually buy them at our favorite toy stores & even on out online sellers (if you know one).

      Used in this scene are Marvel Universe Deadpool & DC Infinite Heroes Power Girl!

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